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Chicken, Egg, or Yolk (ERP vs BI vs Data Warehouse)

By on November 30th, 2011

The Common “Problem/Challenge” The common “IT” challenges facing many businesses today are: Information/Report Generation – providing users (especially in the Finance group) the information they need to perform business and to decision making by management. Standardization of IT platform – businesses have disparate systems spread through various operations, countries and branches. This situation is often…

Thoughts on Preparing for IFRS

By on October 5th, 2011

Over the past few weeks, we have taken a brief look at what IFRS its possible impact on consolidation applications. Now it is time to look at what can you do now to start preparing. The current answer is not much. Until the SEC decides on the if, when, and how of the US adopting…

IFRS and Summarized Accounts

By on September 28th, 2011

My last blog discussed the changes to a Hyperion Financial Management application with a granular chart of accounts in order to support IFRS. Now let’s take a look at the changes required for an application that has a summarized chart of accounts. If you have this type of application, adopting IFRS is going to require…

IFRS and Its Impact on Hyperion Financial Management

By on September 21st, 2011

My last blog discussed the potential impact of IFRS on the transactions systems. Now let’s take a look at how IFRS impacts Hyperion Financial Management. Not surprisingly, the impact is different for each application, depending primarily on how that application is designed. If you have not paid much attention to IFRS, I would suggest you…

Have You Thought About What IFRS Means to You?

By on September 14th, 2011

Imagine that it is December 2011 and the SEC has just announced their decision that the US will be adopting IFRS. Now what? When I first started hearing about IFRS, many of the discussions with my colleagues centered on just completing the financial consolidations as we do today and then layering on a series of…

IFRS at a Glance

By on September 7th, 2011

By now, many of you have heard of IFRS. But how many have actually given some thought to the profound impact it could have on your consolidation application? This simple acronym has the potential to require as much if not more time and resources then either SOX or Y2K. An IFRS adoption project could take…

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