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June 11th, 2018

Kscope18 was Groovy today…

At the Oracle session on “What’s New and Coming in Planning Cloud,” Marc Seewald from Oracle talked a lot about Groovy.

Groovy rules have been around in the Essbase world for several years. But now they are actually part of the out-of-the-box calc manager rules created when you enable features in EPBCS. Groovy brings the power of a full-featured programming language to Calc Manager rules enabling you to do things you can’t do with Essbase Calc language such as data and metadata validation. More formally, it’s dynamic language for the Java Platform that offers more flexibility for building business rules. It’s inspired by languages like Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk.

So where in EPM Cloud will you find Groovy? If you have EPBCS or PBCS+1, you will see out-of-the-box groovy rules in Calc Manager and Groovy can also be integrated with the REST APIs for automation.

PBCS +1 SKU means if you enable one of the modules such as Workforce, CAPEX, Projects, you would enable Groovy.

Good stuff indeed.

Other interesting tidbits we learned today…

EPM Common Platform is available today and Oracle will continue to add more cloud products. The goal is to offer users access to EPM Cloud products from a single application. Definitely something to put on your watch list.

New grids for cloud products will be faster/snappier. We saw a live demo of a grid with 1 million cells being fully queried and the

information returned in 19 seconds! It was blazing fast. Most grids would (and should) be much smaller, therefore,e new grids return in 1-2 secs.

Some nice features coming with data maps and smart push (e.g., BSO to Strategic Modeling, Strategic Model to Strategic Model, ASO to BSO, and more).

On the Essbase in the Cloud front, there is something for everyone—IT, Essbase Administrator, Essbase Modeler, Business Users, and the entire company. Kumar Ramaiyer from Oracle went into detail about what everyone can expect, and he went through a number of interesting new features. Paul Hoch will talk about all of this in his session, Let’s Take a Look at Essbase in the Cloud, on Wednesday at 3:30 in Oceanic 2, Lobby/Third Level. Take a deep dive into Essbase in the Cloud with Paul before the Kscope18 party.

Shout out to…

Beth Archacki’s presentation “Sherwin-Williams EPM On-Prem to the Cloud Journey” was a great example of how you need to understand the technology and explore all your options on your journey to the cloud. Beth did a great job highlighting the reasons Sherwin-Williams wants to go to the cloud, and the various issues that they have had on their journey to the cloud. Although their journey is not complete, we’re looking forward to updates on their cloud travels next year at Kscope19 (hint ODTUG abstract reviewers).

Stay tuned for more to come.



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