Kscope 18 – It’s a Wrap


June 14th, 2018

Thank you ODTUG and attendees for another year jam-packed with information and fun.

What’s New

Connected EPM Platform, Strategic Planning, and Groovy top the list on in this category. Also of note is AI and Machine Learning are expanding rapidly into the cloud.

What’s Old That’s New Again

On-premise (lots of updates and Oracle has extended support for version 11.2.4), Cloud First Mantra, Groovy (the rules have been here the out-of-the-box is new).

How to, Tips, Tricks, Gotchas

The conference included a lot of “how to make this work/work better,” and “Watch out for…” sessions. TopDown shared information on Loading Data into FCCS, Hybrid Integration, and a deep dive into Essbase in the Cloud so you can get the most out of it. If you missed those sessions, or you want another shot at the information, you can catch them during our Kscope18 Encore Series starting June 27 and running through mid-September. Get the details here.

How We Did It (case studies)

How companies make this stuff work in real life offers some of the most interesting insight into just how to use these EPM applications. The VP of Essbase at Oracle agreed by asking Paul Hoch and Tony Leonardini to re-present their case study on flash reporting with Essbase ASO. You can catch this presentation during our Kscope18 Encore series as well. Get the details here.

There’s a lot more to talk about and we’ll do so in the coming weeks. Watch this space.

And some of the fun stuff we found at the conference?

Puppies in the exhibit hall (who doesn’t love puppies???)

Donuts for breakfast (after the 5k but nobody was checking if you drank 5 cups instead like one of the TopDown team members did)

The 5ks (kudos to those early risers)

Coffee (for the people who have trouble waking up early)

Rice Krispie treats (sticky fingers galore)

We’ll leave you with thoughts from the TopDown Team…

Oracle and other presenters provided quite a lot of information about new features and application updates. The big focus for the new stuff was, of course, the Cloud.

OAC/Essbase in the cloud is ready for primetime, EPBCS folks better learn Groovy, Cloud First is the mantra.

Well attended, loyal and supportive user community, strong Oracle direction and roadmap, educational and inspiring, TopDown Consulting unanimously voted the strongest Hyperion consulting firm and speaker 🙂, well-organized conference, see you in the clouds.

Tony’s [co-presenter Tony Leonardini] beard was definitely the best of the conference!! 

There’s still a lot of hesitance towards the cloud, but customers and consultants are warming up.

On-prem is not dead. Connected EPM platform is cool. AI and ML to expand rapidly in the cloud. 

See you next year in Seattle.




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