The Evolution of the batch file from ESSCMD to EPM Automate


March 29th, 2018

Many if not all of us have used batch files to help automate Hyperion EPM processes dating back to the Essbase days and ESSCMD

The advantages of utilizing operating command scripting with EPM has been recognized now for many years. Some examples:

  1. Utilize an operating system scheduler
  2. Run a script at regular intervals
  3. Automate boring tasks
  4. Seamlessly interface the operating system with EPM tasks
    1. Utilize VB for lights out automation
    2. Automating drive mappings with file and folder manipulation
    3. Automating with email notifications
  5. Executing commands on other EPM servers
  6. Automation of repetitive tasks
  7. Automate FTP up and down loads
  8. Automate backup routines
  9. Manage historical backups
  10. Creating and managing logs

The future has now arrived with EPBCS and PBCS and EPM Automate.

EPM Administrators and developers no longer have direct access to the operating system and direct access to Essbase via EAS is gone. However, many of the same batch file treasures we have created in the past with command scripting can now be used with EPM Automate.

Let look at one example of an underutilized feature of command scripting as it relates to EPM Automate?

Batch File logs can be invaluable in detecting performance related issues that gradually appear over time. The following is an example of how a time stamp can be wrapped around a business rule executed from EPM Automate

  1. Step #1 Create the log and append a start and stop for the BR
  2. Step #2 Append a date time stamp to the log name and store logs in a consistent folder
  3. Over time it is easy to compare the “run times” in each time stamped log
  4. This is very helpful to “predict” issues before customer impact



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