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March 14th, 2018

It’s National Pi Day, the day of the year where we honor mathematics. Today we’d like to call attention to the data tinkerers who are offering a visual representation of pi’s infinite and random digits. And then we’ll take it a step further and talk about how by doing something very similar when during an EPM migration to the cloud can overcome one of the biggest hurdles companies face: Getting their users to embrace the change.

The best EPM solution brings together math and art to socialize the change in a consumable manner so that users will and do embrace the change.

The Cloud

Most moves to the cloud involve architectural changes that improve performance and improve data availability to the user. These architectural and performance changes are designed to improve the applications that support the business, thereby improving the business. However, even with all that, you still face the challenge of getting the user who is more concerned with how to do their job in the midst of all this change. In other words, the better, faster, easier, more to work with, etc. is meaningless if the users are unable to embrace and consume the changes that facilitate this.

So how do we visually represent the Math—i.e., the rules, formulas, data, etc. running behind the scenes) and serve up a consumable user experience?

The EPM Solution is More Than Math

By understanding that rules, formulas, architecture, etc. are all the math. How this is presented to the user is where the art comes in. Think about when you are looking at a painting, reading a book, or anything with an art component. The successful artist, writer, etc. is the one that is able to offer something that is easy for the consumer to grasp. The EPM solution is the same way. It is highly technical, but if the architecture is right, the math is transparent to users and consumption becomes easy.

Better User Experience

We are finding that clients want to make fundamental changes for better user experience when moving to the cloud. However, again the art that goes into the architecture design is key to making the math part of the application is transparent to users so that they are eager to use the application. Recently we migrated a client from on-premise Planning to PBCS.  We maintained both environments during the migration, creating a perfect dual environment for users to compare the old and new and get things ironed out before the changes went into the cloud.





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