Kscope17 – Day 2 (FCCS Takes the Day)


June 26th, 2017

FCCS takes the day. The news about this close and consolidation application in the cloud was by far the highlight of the first day of sessions. Some tidbits from our experts:

Something to remember: “Although FCCS is new, don’t forget it was built on 30 years of Hyperion consolidation experience and 25 years of Essbase technology.

Why take note? Users had to transition from Hyperion Enterprise to HFM. As HFM matured, it eclipsed Enterprise across the board with all the new and improved features, functionality, performance and so on. We expect even more from FCCS. Watch this space.

Something to look out for: Currently in FCCS you can have alternate entity hierarchies. But eliminations work like HFM (first common parent) only in the primary hierarchy.

Don’t worry, this will be addressed in future releases. All that experience and technology has it covered.

This is interesting: With FCCS Data Management you can write SQL mapping based on the target member in LIKE mapping. This is a cool feature for global mapping for all locations. It’s all good for movement dimension and YTD vs. Periodic loads.

Let us know what you think of this feature.

FCCS workaround: Best approach to override an out-of-the-box FCCS calculation is to create a “_Reversal” member, write a member formula to reverse the original calc, then write another member formula for new custom calc needed.

Another cool new feature on the horizon: Custom calculations coming in FCCS via Smart View in late summer 2017.

Other Things to Note

Oracle told us about some new features slated for the early 2019 release of v11.2.0 Simplified User Interface (SUI).

Also, per Oracle on-prem support will go to 2030.

Data Visualization is a nice alternative to Tableau. Simple and included in your Oracle Analytics Cloud subscription.

Up Next

TopDown is presenting in three sessions, tomorrow, Tuesday, June 27.

Handling Textual Data in Planning and Essbase—A Starbucks Case Study

Grab a coffee and join TopDown Consulting and Starbucks tomorrow (Tuesday) morning! At 8:30 a.m. our very own Juan Porter and Starbucks’ Rhonda Brigham will be discussing “how they used a creative approach to get text data in three different forms–smart lists, dates and freeform text data–to flow from Planning to Essbase.”

Cut Cycle Times and Improve Service Levels w/ Hybrid Aggregation

Interested in Hybrid Aggregation? Tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 8:30 a.m. Suez’s Brian Brockway and TopDown’s Ron Moore will describe the advantages and disadvantages of Hybrid Aggregation and Suez’s success with Hybrid Aggregation.

DRG – Creating Workflows in DRM

Calling all DRM geeks! Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4:45 p.m. join Steve Davis, TopDown’s expert in DRM and DRG, will show you all the tips and tricks for using DRG effectively within your company.





Our whiteboard is filling up with EPM, Hyperion, Essbase, DRM, Process, Users, etc. challenges. We want to hear yours. Stop by on one of the breaks and let’s chat. And in between follow us on Twitter for tidbits about what’s happening at the conference: interesting thoughts from sessions, EPM challenges from your friends and colleagues, and more.

Check back tomorrow for a Day 3 Kscope17 recap, EPM challenges, tidbits from different sessions at the conference, and more.





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