Extreme Calc Manager

April 25th, 2017

Calc Manager is at the center of Oracle’s EPM suite. It’s the place to develop logic for Essbase, HFM, and Planning on-premise or in the Cloud.  It’s chock full of advanced features and it’s quite a task to master all of them. That’s where we come in.

Join us, Ludovic De Paz and Ron Moore, at Kscope17 in San Antonio for a deep dive into some of the more advanced features of Calc Manager. We’ll take Calc Manager to the extreme. We’ll have something for everyone and that something is what you will not find in the documentation. That something is knowledge from working with Calc Manager for the last several years, putting the application through its paces and taking it to the limits. We’ll cover all the cool hidden features, answer challenging questions, and give you a lot of new ideas to be more efficient on their next project.

We will focus on the stuff that saves time and/or allow you to do things you can’t otherwise do, and/or explore like:

  • how to take advantage of Calc Manager’s modular nature to develop rules and rule sets quickly and benefit from reusability
  • all types of variables and some advanced variable tricks
  • how to troubleshoot using the debugger, error messages and logs (especially with the Cloud)
  • how to use Custom Defined Templates to adapt your rules to different outlines and applications
  • how to use Custom-Defined Functions
  • And more!

See you on Monday, June 26 at 2:00 pm. And for more on calcs, join us on Wednesday, June 28, 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm, for Extreme Essbase Calcs: What-if, Goal Seeking and Sensitivity Analysis.

Finally, don’t forget that TopDown’s experts are presenting seven other sessions at Kscope17. We’re covering the gamut of topics:

Extreme Calc Manager – Ludovic De Paz and Ron Moore

Elevating Your Workforce Planning Solution to the Cloud – Nick Blazosky and Ludovic De Paz

Case Study: How Suez slashed cycle times and improved service levels with Hybrid Aggregation  – Ron Moore and Brian Brockway, Suez

DRG – Creating Workflows in DRMSteve Davis

Handling Textual Data in Planning and Essbase—A Starbucks Case Study – Juan Porter and Rhonda Brigham, Starbucks

Hybrid Cloud – A Solution for a Business ProblemPaul Hoch and Steve Davis

Agile/Scrum, a new way to manage your project development and deliveryR. Michael Smith

How to Get the Most Out of Essbase in the Cloud –  Paul Hoch and Ludovic De Paz


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