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July 7th, 2016


I’ve recently had the pleasure of using the Next Generation Outline Extractor and was very pleased with the improvements that have been implemented by AppliedOlap. I was looking to extract the Account dimension from an Essbase cube and had a moment of panic when I saw that the original OlapUnderground Outline Extractor was only supported up through After a few calming breaths I downloaded the new tool and got to work. This tool is not dependent on having the Essbase Client installed in your system but rather uses the new Essbase Java API.

Download and Extract the Next Gen Outline Extractor

If you don’t already have an account on the AppliedOlap site, you will need to create one with a valid email address before you can download any of the free utilities.

The download will come through as a ZIP file, extract to the destination of your choice, I left it in my Downloads folder.


The tool comes with 2 programs; a GUI version of the tool (which I will be covering in this post), and a command-line utility that can be used to automate your extracts. You do need to have a Java Run-Time Environment (JRE) installed on your machine.



If you double-click on gui-olapunderground-outline-extractor.cmd without doing anything else, you will likely see this:

Open the gui-olapunderground-outline-extractor.cmd file for edit:

The unmodified file is pictured below. The JAVA_HOME variable is set on line 5 but is commented out by default:

Remove the “rem” to un-comment the line, and then add the path to your JRE like I did below. Please note quotes are not required around the path even if there are spaces:

Save the file, close it, and then double-click gui-olapunderground-outline-extractor.cmd to launch the GUI.

I certainly haven’t worked through all of the nuances of this tool, so I’ll just show you how I ran the tool.

Create New Extract was selected by default, click Next.

I used the Essbase API for my extraction, but I thought it was pretty cool that it can extract and process the MaxL XML extracts because those have been largely useless unless you know how to parse XML files using stylesheets; but that is a whole other topic.

Enter the Essbase Server, Username, and Password then click Login.

When the cube list is populated, select the database from which you want to extract:

I was only interested in extracting the Account dimension, so I unchecked everything except that dimension:

While this tool did not have me at “Hello”, it did get me hooked at this point in the process. My intent was actually to extract the Account dimension and then massage it into the right format to load into Planning using the Outline Load Utility (in app GUI). Having this Hyperion Planning 11 Text Writer saved me some time and I am very happy about that! Having new Output Formats is a major improvement over the old Outline Extractor and I for one am thrilled.

Though I won’t cover all of the options available, I did modify the Planning fields since I would be loading into a single-DB Planning application where the DB is called “Main”. The options are organized by Output Format so will see a set of options for each that you selected on the previous screen.

The Performance tab has an option to Replace Line Endings in Formulas with Nothing, Space, End line char ‘\n’, or Flatten. I didn’t need to use this because all of my formulas were already on a single line, but I am hopeful that they’ve improvement on this functionality over the old tool as well.

On the Finish tab, click Execute to run the extraction:

The tool gives you good status updates while the process is running which is another nice enhancement over the old tool.

My Account dimension took 3 minutes 42 seconds to create the 2 output files.

And here they are! I hope you like the new tool as much as I do!








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