Creating the Sample Vision Planning Application with Oracle EPM Versions


February 17th, 2016

The steps below document the process of creating and initializing the sample Vision Planning application with Oracle EPM versions and

Note that this process has changed beginning with the installation of the patch release as compared to the steps previously performed with the base version.

Whereas in with the previous versions, the sample Planning application could be named dynamically during creation, with the new process, the name of the sample application will always be Vision.

Environment details/requirements-

  • Oracle EPM version or functional environment on Windows 2008 R2 servers with Foundation, Essbase, Planning, Calculation Manager, and Essbase Administration Services(EAS) components
  • Oracle 11gR2 used for this relational database instance in example(host=adams7, SID=ORCL)
  • Planning Data Source and related Oracle RDBMS user schema are named PLANSAMP, where the corresponding sample Planning application name is Vision

Product breakdown by server for specific example below:

  • Foundation(Workspace, Shared Services, Calculation Manager), EAS →Adams1
  • Planning →Adams3
  • Essbase →Adams5
  • Oracle 11gR2 RDMBS→Adams7
Create a Planning Application Group
01. Create a Test Application

  • Navigate to http://adams1:19000/workspace/index.jsp in Internet Explorer
  • Enter username and password

–       Username: admin

–       Password: see system admin

  • Click Logon
  • Select Navigate > Administer > Shared Services Console

  • Create a new Application Group: Planning
  • Logoff of Shared Services


Configure Planning Datasource
01. Configure Planning Datasource for Planning Vision application

  • Login to Workspace (http://adams1:19000/workspace/index.jsp ) as admin

  • Navigate to Navigate > Administer > Planning Administration

  • Click Manage Data Source
  • Select Actions Create

  • Enter the Datasource information

–       Name: PLANSAMP

–       Description: DS for Sample Planning application

  • Select Oracle as the database

·       Enter the Relational Database server information

–       Database: Oracle

–       Server: adams7

–       Port: 1521

–       SID or Service Name:   ORCL

–       User Name: PLANSAMP

–       Password: see system admin

  • Enter the Essbase server information

–       Server: adams5

–       User: admin

–       Password: see system admin

  • Validate RDBMS and Essbase connections are successful
  • Click Save
Create Planning Sample Application-
01. Create the Sample Vision Application

  • Login to Workspace (http://adams1:19000/workspace/index.jsp ) as admin 


  • Navigate to Navigate > Administer > Planning Administration

  • Select Manage Applications
  • Select Actions Create

  • Click Create Application

–       DataSource: PLANSAMP

–       Application: Vision note this is not modifiable once the Type is set to Sample below

–       Description: optional

–       Application Type: Sample

–       Shared Services Project: Planningnote this is not modifiable for the Type Sample, Planning Project will be created automatically if it does not already exist

–       Calculation Module: Calculation Module

Select Create

  • Click OK after Application created Successfully

  • Open the application via Workspace via Applications Planning Vision
  • Select Applications à Refresh first if needed

  • Open one of the sample Web Forms on the left in the Vision Planning application and verify data is present



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