Top 10 TopDown Consulting Blog Posts of 2015 – #6


December 24th, 2015



For the second year in a row, the 6th most popular post in our 10 most viewed blog posts, “Reconciling Data – What is the Best Approach?”, takes a look at the best approach to reconciling data, reviewing where to start, validating data, and the process.

Most organizations severely underestimate what it takes to reconcile data. They often don’t consider how much historical data is needed and other items that need to be accounted for. The best way to make sure data reconciliation is smooth and mostly uneventful, is to take a planned and considered approach. In this blog post, Mike Arnoldy, Principal Architect, offers best practices such as determining how much data to load, workarounds for managing historical data that you probably don’t want to load, tips for data validation, and of course, the process. The end result of this approach is a monthly validation that is smoother and quicker, with only a few bumps here and there.

You can find a more content on reconciling data on the TopDown blog and website. Some examples include,

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Be sure to check back tomorrow for number 5 in the countdown.


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