Top 10 TopDown Consulting Blog Posts of 2015 – #5


December 28th, 2015



We’ve made it to the halfway point in our 10 most viewed blog posts countdown. Next up is the 5th place spot, which goes to the feature titled, “Using Batch & MaxL Scripts to Build a Simple Data Utility.” In this post, Gidon Albert, Senior Consultant, discusses how combining Maxl Scripts with batch files can provide low cost, simple, and fully customizable solution to the task of loading data into Essbase. Loading data to Essbase cubes can be done in many ways. Oracle provides a number of applications that can perform this task. In this post, Gidon gives a detailed example of how to use a simple DOS batch file to call a MaxL script that will clear and load data to five different Essbase cubes.

There are many benefits to using MaxL to load data:

  1. Easy to debug.
  2. Easy to maintain.
  3. Easy to deploy.
  4. Low cost.
  5. Plenty of documentation and help available.

Building Batch and MaxL scripts can often provide quick solutions to complex problems. To find out how you can put this solution to work, click here.

For more information on MaxL, check out this blog post on Encrypting MaxL Security, by Jordan Wilcox, Senior Consultant.

Tomorrow, we’ll spotlight the 4th ranked blog post in our countdown. Stay tuned!


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