Kscope15 – Day 4


June 24th, 2015

The third day of Kscope15, and the last day of sessions, was packed with great content from beginning to end. Highlights are below.

Best quotes of the day from the TopDown Team

“Support for Groovy scripting language will be rolled out as part of calc manager.”

“My favorite new feature in Calc manager—the tab key works!”

“Code Folding” available in Calc Manager. This is a cool, and handy!, feature to use when writing and editing.”

Aha moment in the Workforce Planning in the Real World session

WFP is set up as a driver-based planning application. W/ that in mind, three accounts per expense item.

Popular Tweets from the “JavaScript Property Formulas within DRM”*

Diff betw DRM legacy script and Javascript-Legacy: Excel Like Format.

Javascript: Javascript Format

Advantages of #Javascript for property formulas in DRM are: well known language, performance, create variables & functions, & looping

*The most retweets of the day!

Popular applications and what we learned today about them…

Calc Manager

Templates in Calc Manager are meant to speed deployments on Cloud. Saw nice one on Currency Conversion.

Valid Combos are coming soon—first on the cloud, and then on-premise.

Calc manager can analyze your code to identify potential bottlenecks.

In the future, Calc Manager will be able to display Essbase log messages.

Calc manager has features back ported in.


Hybrid Aggregation is going to be the 99% solution for Essbase going forward.

There will be a standalone Essbase on the cloud released.

Essbase feature releases will be cloud first, then Exalytics, then regular commodity Essbase.

New Exalytics machines have new Intel process featuring SpeedStep: it adapts the number of active cores and speed to the workload.


Oracle hardware and software teams had to learn from each other to evolve Exalytics to its current state.

We’re looking forward to seeing the benchmarks on the new X-5 Exalytics box coming out in a couple weeks.

Server consolidation is common reason for moving to Exalytics…with improved performance the icing on the cake.

Keep an eye our for our final Kscope15 recap tomorrow.


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