Kscope15 – DAY 3


June 22nd, 2015

The second day of sessions delivered in spades. Highlights are below.

Everyone is talking about the cloud…

According to Oracle, CFO acceptance of the cloud has roughly doubled from 2013 to 2014 – ~20% to ~40% CFOs “Embrace” the cloud for planning and budgeting. About 20% of Oracle Cloud EPM customers have a hybrid deployment with production on prem.

EPRCS released three weeks ago.

Using Oracle Cloud offerings for Planning, Essbase, and Reporting are great for both enterprise-wide and smaller departmental solutions. See cloud.oracle.com for a comprehensive list of Cloud offerings. EPM Cloud Services being developed for early next year:

  • Account Reconciliation Cloud Services
  • Financial Consolidation Cloud Services (aka HFM in the cloud)
  • Tax Provisioning Cloud Services

Oracle is targeting DRM cloud service for middle of next year.

Other cool tidbits

Coming to FCM next year: Transaction Matching module to match and reconcile large volumes of transactions, e.g., banking transactions

EPMA is now a solid approach for managing metadata, unlike a few years ago. Great for Data Sync as well between apps.

Essbase Cloud “intended to bring solutions back to the deptartment level, where it originated.” On premise Essbase still great for large, enterprise wide solutions.

“Post Load Processing” in BSO/ASO Hybrid = data calc on load. eg data loaded to “Monthly” is calc/procd on the fly & loaded to QTD & YTD.

Smart View “Calc Script Launcher” will understand POV for parametrized calc scripts. Very cool!

If you’re running v11.1.2.3, v11., due July, will fully support IE11.

PS2 offers new way to represent data: ability to chart & graph data grids & webforms in HFM & drill-down on data points in the graph itself.

Utility to migrate FDM Classic apps to FDMEE coming out in the next few weeks.

No scripting will be migrated with the utility to migrate FDM Classic apps to FDMEE. Scripting still needs to be converted to Jython

Check back tomorrow for highlights from the final day of sessions.


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