ODTUG Kscope14 – Day 3


June 26th, 2014

Day 3 at Kscope14 was a big one for TopDown. Four of our six speakers presented to crowds ranging from 50+ to 100+ over the course of the day. The sessions complemented each other with each drilling deeper into the information imparted from the previous one.

Standout snippets from the sessions include:

A Rolling Forecast is a continuous way to evaluate the business and looks forward into that 12 to 18 month window.

Key questions to ask when implementing a Rolling Forecast are: How do we improve? What’s our organizational direction? What info do we need? How do we measure it?

When it comes to implementing a Rolling Forecast, remember the hammer is the technology, it’s not how we’re building the house.

Why are some companies no longer relevant? They didn’t know how to react fast enough to changing markets.

Sometimes the budget on the back of a napkin is more accurate than a detailed plan.

When planning for opex expenses, what’s the driver? The pens or the people who use them?

Companies that can quickly and nimbly react to the changes in the works are the ones that survive.

Calc Manager enhancement coming soon: a check mark that uses NONEMPTY in one of the preferences panes.

Enhancement request for Oracle: templates for ASO databases.

Calc Manager is right for you if you even if you have no MDX knowledge or expertise.

Other highlights

For the evening fun, the acrobatic routines at the party were incredible. Great job Kscope14 organizers.


Check back tomorrow for the conference wrap-up.


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