Kscope14 – Final Report


June 27th, 2014

The final morning of Kscope14 included two-hour deep-dive sessions across the conference topic areas. Some takeaways from these sessions include:

The ODI KM for Hyperion Planning and HFM are going away; it will be transitioned to FDMEE.

Oracle will implement NONEMPTY for ASO databases as a default option. Two TopDown team members lobbied hard for this new feature, and we’re thrilled to see our hard work pay off.

Data sync is moving to FDMEE.

With the release of Hyperion (due late 2014), we’ll be able to delete years from am existing Planning application; this is the welcome end of a big limitation.

Oracle signed 100 clients with Planning in the Cloud in its first quarter. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

From the Executive Roundtable with EPM/BI Senior Management

This roundtable provided an opportunity to ask the detailed questions about the products and their direction.

Q & A 

One question asked by a TopDown team member was, “How are the Oracle version numbers are determined? For example for version”

The answer…

The “11″ is determined by Larry Ellison

The “.1” is determined by the Database team

The “.2” is determined by the middleware team

The “.3” is determined by the EPM Team (Matt Bradley)

The “.500” is for patches

Linux & Windows

An interesting clarification Matt Bradley made was that although they are making efforts to have all the products to work on Linux, the EPM Team will still support windows since it continues to represent a large portion of the customer base.

Other key takeaways

New modules for Planning will include Healthcare and Revenue.

HFM will move to a new codebase; customers can upgrade to it without making changes to their applications.  The new code base will allow HFM to run on Exalytics, and eventually (but not this release) on commodity Linux. Oracle expects this move to be a “game changer” in terms of performance.

DRM will be ported to Linux in about 18 months.

New modules under development for Planning include Healthcare and Revenue.

The “classic” Essbase spreadsheet add-in is DEAD. Gone, buried, no longer shipping.

We’ll close the Kscope14 reports with a big thanks to ODTUG for a great conference. We’re looking forward to next year in Hollywood, FL.


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