Using Multiple Grids on a Single Smartview Sheet


February 25th, 2014

Technology: Oracle Hyperion (EPM) Planning and Essbase


Topic: Using multiple grids on a single Smartview sheet

I was asked today about using multiple grids on a single sheet using SmartView. This feature has been around for a little while but I hadn’t had the opportunity to try it out. Today I did and it’s very cool! It only works with Essbase connections. You can’t mix Essbase and Planning or multiple Planning. However you can have multiple different Essbase databases connected to a single sheet. Clicking the Refresh button in the toolbar will refresh all the data.

I was able to “break it” by doing a few pivots and drill downs. Imagine if you had two grids – one in columns A – F and one in columns H – M. If you do a big drill down in column A and then pivot that dimension over, it overwrites your grid in H – M. Clearly it’s not perfect and not something you would use with multiple ad-hoc reports but if you needed to bring together data in a relatively static report from two different cubes, it works well.


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