Migrating Rules to Calc Manager


June 25th, 2013

Technology:  HFM Rules


Topic:             Migrating Rules to Calc Manager

In Oracle Hyperion version if you’re migrating from Rules to Calc Manager and want to leverage the Calc Mgr named rules? Just use the Call function in the rules files.

For example:

Converting Rules “.rle” to Calculation Manager.

Converting Rules to Calc Manager
First use call statements to organize the rules file so that the rules would load as individual “named” rules within the subroutines.

Converting Rules to Calc Manager_2

Place these routines at the bottom of your rules

Converting Rules to Calc Manager_3
Run the utility FMRulesMigrator.exe from the HFM server.

  1. Select your source rule file
  2. Select the name/path of the to be create .xml calculation manager file
  3. The name of the HFM application & Convert.

Results in Calc Manager:

Converting Rules to Calc Manager_4
Notice that it put the Called rules & scripts in alphabetical-numeric order.

Converting Rules to Calc Manager_5
But the converted rules are listed in correct order per the original rules (per above rules file screen shot)


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