Installing Oracle EPM to a Linux server in graphical mode via an SSH connection from a Windows machine


May 8th, 2013

Out in the field, we periodically get questions about installing Oracle EPM to a Linux server in graphical mode via an SSH connection from a Windows machine. The question might sound complicated, but the answer is pretty straightforward.

When the Oracle EPM installer is launched remotely on a Linux server over an SSH connection from a Windows machine, two items are needed-

  • The  SSH connection must be configured to forward the installer’s graphical windows from the remote Linux server over the SSH connection to the local Windows machine
  • An X server must be installed and running on the local Windows machine to display the forwarded graphical screens

The above is done using the following programs-

  • Xming: An open source X server for Windows
  • Xming fonts install: required along with the Xming X server
  • Putty: A free Telnet/FTP/SSH client for Windows and Unix based operating systems


Note there are mandatory Linux package installation requirements for-

  • Successfully running graphics based applications, locally or remote
  • Successfully installing all Oracle EPM product components

Reference the below Oracle Fusion Middleware requirements documentation based on the Linux version and distribution being used:



Xmingdownload location:

Xming fonts download location:


Putty à download the “For Windows on Intel x86 version” putty.exe


Downloaded files




Run through the following installations on the local Windows machine:




Accept all defaults during both installations, with the exception being to select “Don’t install an SSH client” during the Xming installation(the downloaded putty.exe executable will be used as the SSH client



From the Program Menu, launch Xming à XLaunch



Verify the following settings and select Next

  • Multiple windows
  • Display number: 0

Verify Start no client and select Next

Verify Xming is running

Accept defaults and select Next

Select Finish to start Xming





Launch Putty(putty.exe) on the Windows machine

Define an SSH connection type to the Linux server by hostname or IP address



Select Connection à SSH à X11

Check the box for Enable X11 forwarding

For X display location, enter localhost:0

  • localhost à is the local Windows machine where the graphics will be forwarded to from the Linux server
  • 0 àis the display number that was configured for the running Xming X server

Go back to the Session menu in the left column so the setting changes can be saved for the defined session

Select Open to start the SSH session


Provide the user and password that will be installing the Oracle EPM software

If the graphical X application packages have been installed on the Linux server, a quick test launching xclock will validate if the X11 graphical application forwarding is taking place correctly and properly rendering the display using the Xming X server



Navigate to the directory location where the Oracle EPM installation directory has been built, and launch the file


Verify the EPM System Installer graphical window is rendered successfully, and continue with the installation


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