Smartview HFM Error – Only Affects One User


March 8th, 2013

Technology:  Smartview

Version:        11.1.2.x

Topic:             Smartview HFM Error – Only Affects One User

Post Date:      March 8, 2013

Problem: Our team tried all settings in the Smartview Options to fix this issue – only one user had this problem and it occurs when running any Smartview reports when connected to Prod. In Dev everything worked well.

OTN has multiple reportings of this error but all suggested fixes related to the changing of the Smartview options have not helped. The problem started after running a larger Essbase query, but there are no running sessions in EAS anymore.


We were applying the IIS Setting AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed now, and then query was small with only one user. All others could run the same Smartview without problems.

Solution: We were also experiencing this problem at another client and the cause was that the user settings for the user get corrupted. In the HFM repository, the DBA needs to run a DELETE query on the <appname>_USERPARAMS table. The query should filter on the specific user who’s experiencing this error.


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