Oracle OpenWorld 2012 – Tuesday, October 2


October 3rd, 2012

Mark Wilson (@MrkWlsn), vice president of services, shares his thoughts some of the EPM sessions offered at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 on Tuesday, October 2.

It was another hot day here at OpenWorld and Oracle is hitting all the hot technology areas including Cloud, In-Memory, and Big Data. Where yesterday’s sessions were a little more focused on what’s new (as in already released such as, today’s sessions got more into the detail of what is to come.

The topic of one morning session was Hyperion Planning on the Cloud. This is particularly interesting because this will be the vanguard of EPM products moving to cloud. They are definitely taking the crawl-walk-run approach by staring with only “core” functionality in this first software-as-a-service (SaaS) release. For example, they will offer “classic” only leaving EPMA for a future release. Customers will be able to leverage FDM and LCM to integrate and migrate data. The solution will also include a dedicated Essbase reporting cube. Financial Reports, Client and SmartView, will be still delivered as a local installation. Larry has criticized some competitors in the Cloud such as for their application level multi-tenancy model so it is no surprise that Oracle is approaching it differently. Customers will get their own instance of the application. I specifically followed up after the session for details and it sounds like the process will only take a few hours to set up. It will be interesting to watch as this product is released in the very near term because it will definitely be a view into the future of EPM.

Another session of note was the Essbase Roadmap: Essbase is now a key piece to many strategic areas for Oracle including EPM, BI, Exalytics, and Fusion. Therefore, there are a lot of demands and a lot of investment. Some highlights from the roadmap include support for Fusion security, reduced naming restrictions, Hybrid BSO/ASO solution, and BSO calculation order. Another roadmap item that will be particularly impactful to the EPM community will be the new Aggregation weighting. It will allow for percentage-based aggregations to a parent (both above or below 100%). This will streamline and optimize logic that now would be done in a calculation.

Lastly, Larry Ellison’s second Keynote of the week was in the afternoon. After the 45min commercial that started the session, Larry took the stage to talk Cloud. He highlighted that when a customer buys a subscription to a Cloud based app that they are also inherently buying the underling infrastructure and services. He pointed out that Oracle owns that underlining technology from the database and servers to the Java programing language. He also talked about how the Oracle cloud has social networking services built in so that all the cloud applications are able to leverage it.

Hoping that tomorrow is bit cooler weather but expect to continue to discover and report on more hot EPM/BI relevant information tomorrow.



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