Oracle OpenWorld 2012 – Wednesday, October 3


October 4th, 2012

Mark Wilson (@MrkWlsn), vice president of services, shares his thoughts some of the EPM sessions offered at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 on Wednesday, October 3.

As a San Francisco native, I have always found it amusing when tourists from around the country and world arrive in the summer expecting the California sun only to find what Mark Twain coined as the “coldest winter I ever spent…” Due to the foggy microclimate, the “SF” branded fleeces always do good business, because people often need to supplement the shorts and t-shirts they packed. Therefore, I have been finding it ironic that most of the out of town OpenWorld attendees (and many locals) were un-prepared for such hot weather. At the very least, the hot weather has been a good icebreaker amongst attendees.

As for sessions Wednesday, the Product Development Panel Q&A session was particularly interesting. I always enjoy this session because you get direct access to the development leaders and can get the straight scoop without the veil of too much marketing spin. The session was hosted and moderated by Matt Bradley, vice president of development, and the panel included Rajesh Bhatia, vice president of product development (for Consolidation, FDM, etc), Kash Mohammadi, vice president of development, and Prasad Kulkarni, senior director, financial planning applications. This session did not have any side just questions from the room to the panel. Some good questions were:

Q: Can you speak to any plans to have HFM run on Essbase? (I kicked off the questions with this one)

A: In a goal of unifying the EPM platform, the HFM team has submitted requirements to the Essbase team that they are currently working on


Q: Are there plans for an adaptor to load ARM data back into HFM?

A: Yes, it will also be needed for the new Tax Provision product.


Q: Are there plans to update EPMA so that it can share a dimension between ASO and BSO?

A: I do not believe we have changed anything in in that regard.


Q: What are the plans to move EPM suite from being windows only?

A: FDM is next and planned for next year. Looking at FM. No plans at the moment for DRM. As for browser compatibility, we are working on Chrome compatibility.

Q: Any plans for Hyperion Planning to run on ASO Essbase cubes?

A: Yes, at the beginning of next year. Also, available will be an out-of-the box hybrid ASO/BSO solution.


As you can see there are some great nuggets that you would not get in your typical roadmap session.

Wednesday was also the big customer appreciation event at Treasure Island. I am sure everyone that goes will enjoy a balmy evening eating copious good food and great music from Kings of Leon and Pearl Jam.


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