SmartView: Five Basic New Features for Essbase that You Don’t Want to Miss


May 17th, 2012

If you’re like the many seasoned Essbase Add-In fans out there who are reluctant to make the jump to SmartView, you may want to continue reading. Starting with release, SmartView has shifted into a position where it will become the replacement tool for the Essbase Add-In. Oracle has been promising full parity for some time now, and they have begun to fulfill this promise with the latest releases.

Below are Five basic new features that Essbase Add-In lovers will appreciate.

1. Sheet Level Options

Hello, my long lost friend – I have missed you! Back in the day, I remember creating Essbase Add-In reports (when there were no other great reporting options) and coaching customers about the differences between Sheet level and Global level options. New customers were often confused about the two types until they started playing with the tool (and then quickly realized the benefits of having different levels of settings). With release comes the return of Sheet level options. Sheet level settings can be used for the following:

  • Member options
  • Data options
  • Formatting options

2. Member Names and Aliases

Finally, it is here – together at last! You are now able to see both member names and aliases together in an Excel spreadsheet. This is one of the biggest gripes of Essbase Add-In lovers, and it is now available in SmartView. Rejoice!

3. Multiple Grids

As with the Spreadsheet Add-In, you are now able to create multiple, independent grids on a single Excel sheet. They can be of the same or different data sources. The Refresh button will refresh all of them on a single spreadsheet at the same time.

4. Butterfly Reports

A “butterfly report” is one where the row members are in-between two columns of data cells, similar to the “Row Headings Before” feature in Financial Reports. Although there are some quirks with this particular feature, it is opens up an additional report option for corporations looking for this type of formatted report.

5. Submit without Refresh

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints of all time from Essbase Add-In users…the requirement to refresh a grid before submitting data. Let’s say you’re plugging away at your calculation script testing. So you open the SmartView testing workbook you used the day before. You then make some adjustments to the numbers. Just as you have everything perfect, you go to press “Submit”…only to get that silly message saying that you’re going to have to refresh your data first. (Groan!) With the release of, Oracle has removed this requirement. Rejoice again!

So, is SmartView ready to replace the Essbase Add-In yet? Not just yet…but I fully believe the SmartView of today is as close as we have ever seen. And with the number of improvements they’ve made in just the last two releases, I would venture to guess that we will see full parity within the next two years.



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