Consolidations – The EPM Review


March 20th, 2012

Over time as business strategy and reporting requirements change, your Hyperion consolidations solution may need to change too.  This is natural.  When you design and implement a Hyperion consolidation solution, there are certain assumptions you have to make looking 3-5 years or more down the road and sometimes those assumptions no longer hold true.  What we do in this situation is undertake a review of your full consolidation solution – we call it the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) consolidations review.  But there is a tendency to be hesitant about making changes; as the saying goes “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”  Sometimes Accounting and Finance users think of the Hyperion consolidation solution as a big black box that is going to mean trouble when you look inside.  Do you have anything to fear about the EPM consolidations review?

The answer is, “No.”  With an experienced partner, the review of your consolidation solution should be logical, comprehensive, and relatively quick.

Let’s drill down some more on what the EPM consolidations review entails.  At the macro level, we look at different components of the consolidation solution:

  • Infrastructure review – analyze your software and hardware setup
  • Application design review – analyze the design of your consolidation applications (primarily, FDM and HFM)
  • Business rules review – analyze the efficiency and relevancy of all calculations
  • Reporting review – analyze the design, efficiency, and relevancy of report outputs

At a more detailed level, we are really asking you some logical questions and they generally go like this:

  • What requirement(s) does this satisfy for the company?
  • Why does the company have this requirement?
  • How does this help the company meet the requirement(s)?

At the conclusion of the EPM consolidations review, you should have a strong understanding of the applicable changes to your consolidation solution.  You should get a strategic plan.  And you can determine with your partner’s help what to implement and when.  That kind of clarity should remove all fear from this process.


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