Kscope11 – Day 2


June 28th, 2011

This update is provided by Josh Berger, Vice President of Sales for TopDown Consulting. Please check back tomorrow for the day 3 update.

The Kscope Day two standouts hands down were the sessions: strong content, great takeaway information, and direct and to the point answers to the often loaded questions from the audience. Attendees consistently remarked that they had trouble deciding between multiple sessions. My prediction is increased attendance for Kscope12, because attendees can go back to their organizations with proof this conference delivers good value for the price of admission.

TopDown Consulting team members Mark Wilson (@mrkwlsn) and Michael Smith (@msmith_tdc) attended sessions during the day. Both provided live updates on content via Twitter. To find out what happened yesterday and to follow along with today’s sessions, you can watch the live Twitter feed on this blog; or if you’re a Tweeter, follow them, and @TopDownInc, on Twitter.

Andy Heller at the TopDown Booth

One of the other Kscope highlights is the sharing of information outside the sessions taking place at the conference. Throughout the day and well into the evening, the TopDown team has witnessed connections made through the conversations and introductions—e.g., people working in the same industry, pursuing similar EPM projects, and/or had the same hobby or vacation destination in mind.

Reflecting on the success of these interactions, I realized that the majority  of dialogue centered on setting up for success with EPM.

The ingredients?

EPM always starts with great people. Corporate culture, which includes company history, preferred style, demographics of the workforce, and the right incentives, is the important backdrop for successful EPM projects. Partnership is another key ingredient. Clients need a strong partnership with Oracle and their consulting partner. Feedback from clients at Kscope is that TopDown often serves as the continuity when the Oracle teams have changed. One of the ways we do this is by attending conferences like Kaleidoscope to stay informed about new developments in the EPM industry.

And now for another day filled with informative sessions and conversations.

Check back here tomorrow for more Kscope11 updates.



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