Where Does Oracle Hyperion DRM Fit in an EPM Solution?


November 8th, 2010

Enterprise’s today are looking at the best way to drive a consistent set of reporting information across the different groups.  In a world where timezones and physical location are virtual, it is imperative that everyone in the organization have a central focus point from which they draw information.

The need to make key decisions and to make mid course corrections to the direction of an organization are driving executives to make Master Data Management a top priority.  DRM is a key component of any Analytical MDM strategy.  It services four key areas for an enterprise:

  1. Growth
    1. It allows an organization to be confident that the analytical decisions based on the data and metrics that have been developed are a consistent and stable and decisions based on the metrics will provide the results desired to allow growth.
  2. Efficiency
    1. Enterprises are able to enforce a consistent set of business rules across the organization’s key master data making deployment of new applications faster and easier.
  3. IT Agility
    1. Because the organizational master data is consistent, IT spends less time reconciling and deploying to new applications.
  4. Compliance
    1. Management is able to feel confident that the regulatory reporting of an enterprise is correct and consistent and is in fully compliant with existing government rules and regulations

Oracle Hyperion DRM provides an enterprise that incorporates it into their strategy a means to provide clean, consistent and rule based metadata across the organization.  It is a way of creating and maintaining a clean reporting environment that will serve as the infrastructure for the dashboards and reporting that is key in a fully functional EPM solution.



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